Site Statistics

Click to see a video walk-through to show you how to use this feature


The Site Statistics can be a very powerful tool.  You can view all statistics related to your site from the main login screen.  You simply select the magnifying glass next to your domain name for traffic.  

With the Xpressia interface you will see similar options for traffic details. You will need to select this image from the control panel.


Once Selected, you will need to make sure the statistic tool type is turned on (depending on which server you are on you may see different names here, all are related to statistics).  The default is turned off, so you may need to enable it first.  Please note that you will only see statistics gathered from the time you turn this feature on.

If you select the button, you will then activate the feature and will receive a confirmation on the top of the page.

From this point you can then select the image to view the statistics.  NOTE: if you activate this feature, please give it some time to start gathering the data.  If you select this option right away, you will see an error page. Once data has been collected, you will be able to see the statistics by selecting this icon in this area.

If you are using a similar interface as below, you can simply select the same images icon beside the "traffic details" button on the main view for your domain when you login to your control panel.


The second view you receive will present you with the same type of icon.  Since the system can support multiple statistics engines, each will be displayed here.  Select the one you like for a detailed view of your statistics which will be displayed in a separate browser window.

If you do not have your site open, or know that there has not been any web traffic to the site, the system will automatically send you to your domain, should the current traffic status be nil.