How to Obtain A Secure Certificate

A secure certificate is actually an encryption code that represents the form of an electronic "key" that is passed through the server to the browser.  The browser normally recognizes the key and will authenticate the page according to the browser encryption settings.  The idea behind it is that any passing of information on the specific page that is secure, has to pass through with the encryption key, making it almost impossible to intercept/hack.

Secure certificates are server specific.
 If you use a shared certificate, then the server name and owner has to follow the registration of the certificate.  This is why you would see our name on the shared certificate information.

If you would like to have your own certificate and name behind it (when someone clicks to see the ownership and authentication of the certificate), you must have the server generate a CERTIFICATE REQUEST (CSR) that provides the certificate company the server information.  You then take this information with other required documentation to the certificate company to have them generate the actual certificate code/key that you would cut and paste into the section of the control panel to activate.

The process is quite easy.  Please contact us to arrange as there are a few types of certificates that range from $65 to over $1,000.  We can understand your requirements and recommend the best solution.  



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