Publishing With Dreamweaver
 Click to see a video walk-through to show you how to use this feature

1) Open Dreamweaver.

2) Click on Site and then New Site.

3) Click on the Category "Local Info".

Fill in the Site Name (you determine this), Local Root Folder (where your files will be on your local computer) and HTTP address.

Local Root Folder is the folder that contains your web site on your computer.


4) Click on the Category "Remote Info".

Fill in the FTP Host, which can be or as provided in your welcome e-mail as "Host Name"

Fill in the Host Directory, which is your domain name. For example:

Lastly, fill in the Login/Password you selected during signup that should be in your welcome e-mail unless you have changed the FTP password.

Click on OK.


5) To upload, upen one of your pages, and click on Site thenPut.


Dreamweaver has a built-in FTP tool so you do not need other programs to transfer your files to your web folder.