Publishing With Adobe Go Live

1) Open Adobe GoLive, and open your site in the system.

2) Click on Site then FTP Server then Connect.


If this is your first time uploading you will receive the following message. Click on OK.


3) Add the Following Settings under FTP & WebDAV Server:

Server -
Directory -
Username - Your FTP username.
Password - Your FTP password.
Check Save.
Port - Make sure port 21 is specified.

4) Click on OK.


5) Click on Site then FTP Server then Connect.


6) Right click on the file you want to upload.

7) Select FTP Server then Upload Selection.

You will now be prompted to select what files you want uploaded. Select the files you want uploaded.

8) Click on OK.

Adobe GoLive will now upload your file and maintain a local folder for your site on the system.