Changing Front Page Login
and Password

Step 1: Login to your Web options.

 Click on the Web options icon in your Control Panel.


Step 2: Edit a FrontPage Extensions.

 Scroll the form with a list of options until you locate section with a FrontPage Extensions.


Click on the Edit icon to edit the resource.


Step 3: Update a FrontPage Extensions login and password.

 If you have clicked Edit button, the following form will appear:


1. Enter a new login.
2. Enter a new password.
3. Click Submit button.


ToolTip: Frontpage Warning

Warning: all your .htaccess (password protected) files that were not created by FrontPage will be renamed to .htaccess.old. If you need them, you will be able to recover them manually.

NOTE: Under most plans you have to apply the changes you have made to the server. To learn how to apply changes, follow the link.