What are Front Page Extensions?

Front Page extensions are files that are added to the web server so that web sites that are built in Microsoft FrontPage can communicate from your local computer to the web server.  Please check your plan to see if you have the option to add the extensions.  Watch this video on how to manage the extensions.

Click to see a video walk-through to show you how to use this feature


These Front Page extensions take up a lot of disk space within your website, and do not work well with other file management software (FTP). We recommend that if you use Front Page you only use FrontPage publishing tool to manage your site.  You should not use external FTP programs with FrontPage.  Please also note that when using Front Page, your total site file size will be doubled.  i.e. to publish a 10 MB web site through Front Page (locally) you will require 20MB of disk space in your web hosting account.  

For FrontPage training and support, please contact Microsoft directly.

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