How do I manually add subscribers
to a mailing list?

Step 1: Login to your Email Manager.

 Click on the Email icon in your Control Panel.  Or choose the Mail Info link in the menu.


Step 2: Choose the Domain.

 Choose the domain that you wish to work with and click Go.


Step 3: Select the Mailing list.

 Click on the List icon next to the name of the Mailing list.


Step 4: Add subscribers to the Mailing list.

 Click on the Add icon next to the Subscribers in the Mailing list properties section of the mail resource.


Step 5: Enter a new Subscriber.

 If you have clicked Add icon, the following form will appear:


1. Enter the e-mail addressof the subscriber in the edit box.
2. Click on the
3. Click on linkon the top of the form to get back to the Mail Info page.