Create an Autoresponder

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Autoresponder is a mailbox attribute. Whenever a message arrives in a mailbox, the system immediately sends a uniform response back to the sender.

If you are using the Xpressia Interface click here, otherwise continue below.


Use this form to compose an autoresponse:

To add a new autoresponder, do the following:

1. Select MailInfo in the Mail Infomenu.


2. At the bottom of the page that appears, click Add new mail resource:

3. Choose Mail autoresponder from the drop-down list and click Next:


4. Agree with the charges, if any

5. Fill the form that shows:

Send a Copy To: the optional e-mail address to which copies of response messages will be e-mailed.
the subject of the response message, e.g. receipt confirmation.
the body of the response message, e.g. Your message was received. Thank you.

6. Click Submit Query.


Edit a Response Message