Change DNS with

Step 1: Go to the website.

 Click on the My Account icon in their main page. We have used a fictitious domain name in this help file where you would replace with the name server information provided in your Welcome e-mail.


Step 2: Login to your account.


1. Type in User Name and Password.
2. Click Sign In button.

Step 3: Manage your domain.


Click on Modify DNS link.

Step 4: Change Your DNS.


1. Within Delete Current Domain Name Servers section, select check boxes next to the name of your current server you would like to delete.
2. Within Add Or Change Your Domain Name Servers section, enter your new Domain Name Servers as we provided in the welcome email.
3. Within Confirmation Email Will Be Sent To section, select email address that will be used to confirm DNS changes.
4. Click Submit button


Step 5: Confirm Your DNS Changes.


If you are satisfied with changes you have made, click Confirm button.


Step 6: Information.


You will be informed that email has been sent to you for confirmation and will be instructed on how to confirm your changes.


Step 7: Respond to an Email.

 Below is the e-mail you will receive:


Click here to see our DNS Information to put in the record to repoint your domain name to our servers