Changing your DNS with
Network Solutions/Verisign

Step 1: Go to the website or Network Solutions.

Click on the
Manage Account link in their main page.


Step 2: Manage your domain.

 Type in Your Domain Name that you wish to manage.


Step 3: Domain Manager Helper.

 Choose " transfer my Domain Name to another ISP".



Step 4: Confirm Email Address.

 Enter your Email Address to get to the next screen.



Step 5: Edit DNS.

 Remove the existing Name Servers and add the Name Servers that were sent to you in your "Welcome Email" when you signed up.

Add this information above in the first and third lines and then select to apply changes.


Step 6: Respond to Email.

 Once you have filled out the above form and submitted it you will receive an email from Network Solutions. YOU MUST RESPOND TO THIS EMAIL AND SEND IT TO:



Step 7: Confirm Modification.

 Once you have replied to the initial email you will receive another one that will request you to make a change to it and reply to


1. Scroll to the middle of this email until you find the above Acknowledgment section on line 1a.
2. Add the letter Y to line 1a and reply to this email.
3. Once this email has been received by Netsol your changes will take 24 - 72 hrs to be completed and propagate through the Internet.

Click here to see our DNS Information to put in the record to repoint to our servers