Depending on your plan type,a set of over 20 PHP/MySQL applications have been supplied/ enabled in your plans accessed through you control panel. You can install these applications on your domains.



To install the application:



Select EasyApp in the Domain Settings menu.



On the page EasyApps Collection that shows, you'll see the list of applications that can be installed:





Press on the title of application you want to install.



You'll find yourself at a page with its description (outline, homepage, diskspace etc.) and a link to install it:






Click Install. The page similar to this will appear:






Fill in the necessary data:



 - Domain - choose a domain, if you have more than one, to install the application on.
-Path - location of the application, when you have installed it, in relation to the domain's root directory.  i.e  "yourdomain.com" would be the root and the next folder up, the path name would start.
- User name - name of the application's administrator.
- Password - password of the administrator.
- E-mail - electronic address to send notifications to, which'll be written in the application config file.


In rare cases, such as with Advanced Poll etc., you will be redirected to the original installation page.



In case of more extensive data to fill in, refer to the application's documentation.



Press Submit Query.



Agree with the additional charges for MySQL-related resources that will be needed for the application to work.



After the application is installed, you'll find it on the page with its description under Installed Applications. Press the Edit button to change its settings: