Building a Web Form 2

Building the HTML form as per

Here is an example of the script you will need to insert into your html web page. The input type information is some
of the possible fields you can use.  Please read Matt's Script Archive for details.

The only required fields to have your script working are the first two lines.  The recipient value must match the same value
included in your formmail.cgi file.









The other requirements you will need are the end Form tag (</form>) and a submit button after all of your form boxes or selections for the user..  Each field in your form will be sent to the e-mail recipient with each submission.  Matt has included a few options for messages a user would receive once they submit the form, although the easiest method is to direct users to a "redirect" page once the form is submitted as indicated in the form above.  Using this method will override any redirects that are included in the Formmail.cgi file.