Idea that started in 1997 in Orange County, California and later incorporated under MULTACOM Corporation with corporate office in Canyon Country, California and Datacenters in Los Angeles, California by Sr. System Engineers and Sr. Network Engineers looking to provide the highest possible quality service with knowledgeable staff at lowest possible pricing.

The lack of a good service provider with all the qualities that are now available through MULTACOM was the primary motivation behind the group. Currently MULTACOM employs the highest quality equipment and is staffed by the most qualified people in their field. Every team is headed by a member that has a minimum of seven years of experience and is Certified in their field. Every member of MULTACOM technical team must is certified system/network engineer and/or possesses degrees in related field.

The primary Datacenter located in downtown Los Angeles, California allows for maximum scalability as this location allows us to connect easily to virtually any backbone provider and scale our internet connectivity to meet clients needs. Additionally the Network is directly connected via diverse path Fiber Optic lines to many of the other carrier buildings in downtown which host our network equipment. MULTACOM also connects directly to other peering locations outside Los Angeles such as Linx in London.

In addition to services provided at its own facilities MULTACOM also provides managed services to other providers, currently MULTACOM is under contract and provides network management for several small to mid-size service providers in the United States.

MULTACOM is committed to providing the highest level of support and quality services which include:

  • • Co-location
  • • Dedicated Servers
  • • Shared Hosting
  • • Bandwidth and IP Services
  • • Virtual Private Networks
  • • Managed Services

MULTACOM's IP Services allow clients direct or managed connections to majority of backbone providers including Savvis, Level3 and Mzima at any of the providers point of presence at substantial discounts. The aggressive pricing is achieved by leveraging the large commitment by current clients to such providers and strategic partnerships with large volume resellers.

Managed Services provide clients with a complete and low cost solution to the complex world of network management, MULTACOM's Managed Services is the only one of its kind with the clients corporate interest in mind and fully branded.

Processes such as IP acquisitions, equipment, bandwidth purchases and client contacts are performed with the clients Corporate name and are maintained under the clients ownership. Increasing capabilities and reliability of services offered by clients at a fraction of the cost makes MULTACOM's Managed Services ideal for small to mid-size providers.

MULTACOM can provide you with all the resources and services required to ensure your success, contact us for more information on how we can increase quality of services at an attractive bottom line with Complete and Effective Solutions Custom Designed to deliver maximum results from your budget.


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