Dedicated Server and Colocation Reseller and Wholesale programs

MULTACOM offers very rewarding affiliate, reseller and wholesale programs, the programs are designed to provide you with an easy way to refer clients and obtain recurring commission while the client remains with MULTACOM or you may opt to resale our services directly.
The discount level depends on qty of servers you will have with us, top 3 country of client base. Please email affiliates@multacom.com for additional information.

Shared Hosting Affiliate And Reseller Programs

MULTACOM offers very rewarding affiliate and a complete reseller solution, affiliate program is designed to provide you with an easy way to refer Shared Hosting clients to MULTACOM from your site and earn as much as $60 commission for every new client while the Shared Hosting reseller program provides easy resale of MULTACOM Managed Hosting under your own brand with your own fully customizable control panel.
Shared hosting reseller program uses HSPHERE reseller account please review documentation of hsphere for further details Click Here.

Reseller Partner Program

MULTACOM Reseller Partner Program is the most flexible method of reselling Co-location, Dedicated Servers and Wholesale Bandwidth. The program can be customized to meet each resellers requirements.
For further details on our affiliate and reseller programs please contact affiliates@multacom.com.